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カナダとニューイングランド行きプリンセスでカラフルな海岸をクルーズすれば、歴史の1ページと目を見張るような美しい自然がスムーズに溶け合った風景をご覧いただけます。ハリファックスのペギーズ・コープにある有名な灯台を訪れ、ニューポートで金ぴか時代にさかのぼり、ボストンの歴史あるフリーダム・トレイルをたどりましょう。On board New England cruises, you'll dine like a New Englander on succulent crab cakes and lobster as the allure of the northern seaboard embraces you.

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Discover the beauty of Canada and New England with a variety of itineraries to choose from in both summer and fall. See New England's most scenic coastlines, taste Maine’s famous lobster, and visit some of the most iconic lighthouses. Explore Cape Breton Island (Sydney) or enjoy an overnight in Quebec City. The options are endless on cruises to Canada & New England with Princess. 

American Heritage

Calling all history buffs - follow the Founding Fathers' footsteps around the historic Virginia triangle and visit Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg on excursions through Norfolk. This unique itinerary sails from New York in the summer and visits popular ports where history was made. Explore the Freedom Trail in Boston, Fort Sumter in Charleston and more to gain a deeper understanding of what shaped America.


遥か彼方に位置し、活気と豊かな文化にあふれるグリーンランドは、地上のどの場所とも異なるユニークな土地です。Cruises to Greenland — the world's largest island — offer views of scenic fjords in Qaqortoq, storybook cottage sightings in Nuuk and strolls through the colorful fields of Nanortalik. Explore Greenland's quaint and unique beauty, and experience its indigenous culture with Princess, the cruise line that visits the most ports in Greenland. 


Explore more of Canada & New England, before or after your cruise, with a cruisetour vacation. Stay overnight in historic towns such as Williamsburg and Gettysburg, or spend time enjoying the stunning Niagara Falls and Montreal, to savor all of Canada & New England’s beauty.

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If you are interested in the Greenland cruises, you’ll love Princess® Epic Voyages. Learn more about our expertly curated itineraries for your next extraordinary adventure.



Cruise to iconic rocky coastlines


Revisit history from Colonial times



Savor fresh regional seafood

The quaint New England of earlier times is alive and well in charming port cities, like Portland and Newport. Grab a bowl of clam chowder or a lobster roll, or enjoy fresh Maine blueberries.


ニューポートで金ぴか時代へタイムスリップ。For Anne of Green Gables fans, Charlottetown is a reader’s paradise. ケベック市は一日かけて回りたいもの。狭い石畳の小道を散歩して、国立史跡シャトー・フロンテナックを見学しましょう。長い寄港時間の旅程で港での集合時間が深夜と決められている場合、少なくとも午後9時までは陸上でお過ごしいただけるため、短時間ながら楽しいナイトライフを体験できます。

Canada & New England Cruisetour Vacations

5 to 7-day land tour for Canada & New England


Immerse yourself in America’s roots as you tour the nation’s capital, interact with early settlers at a living history museum, visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and stand on the same soil as Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello estate, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Enjoy a Canadian cruise into the thunderous mist of Niagara Falls then visit Canada’s historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Old Québec, the only walled city in North America, and Rideau Canal, built after the War of 1812 to help protect Canada from U.S. military attack.





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