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プリンセス®で行く豪華南米クルーズでは最高のひとときを満喫しましょう。驚くほどバラエティに富んだ地域の料理を堪能しつつ、数千年の歴史と文化が生み出したリズムを感じてください。伝説的なアマリア氷河の魅力的な景色を堪能し、有名なフォークランド島のペンギンと友達になったら、プリンセス・クルーズに新たに組み込まれた南極クルーズで世界の底へと旅立ちましょう。壮大なモニュメント、素晴らしい自然美、そして客船から岸までの感動的な体験まで、驚きとインスピレーションを感じられることでしょう。Embark on an unforgettable journey with Princess to explore South America and Antarctica.

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Princess Cruises is a proud member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), a unique association comprised of members who are committed to the practice of safe, environmentally responsible Antarctic travel.


From Fuerte Amador – the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, to Ushuaia – the world’s southernmost city, South America is a continent rich in history, culture and natural beauty. サン・アントニオ周辺を旅して、歴史と文化の世界を発見してみませんか。Revel in the sights of Viña del Mar, known as the “Chilean Riviera.”カサブランカ地域とマイポ地域のたくさんの日光を浴びたワインを味わってみましょう。Watch a thrilling Chilean rodeo followed by a traditional meal. Experience this vibrant region on a Princess cruise to South America.

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Visit the most isolated continent on Earth on an Antarctica cruise with Princess as you enjoy the feel of an expedition ship with the comfort and stability of a large ship. Sail along glacial waters, take in the views of Falkland Islands, Elephant Island, Antarctic Sound and Gerlache Strait, and listen to the alluring songs of sea birds and the ocean, all from the comfort of your stateroom. A cruise to Antarctica will be one of the most amazing adventures to have.

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世界の大都会の1つブエノスアイレスは、ヨーロッパのエレガンス、カウボーイの文化、そして情熱的なタンゴの音が混じり合う町です。See Belle Époque palaces and visit Recoleta Cemetery before departing for such storied ports as Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia.

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Cruises to Brazil

Listen for the rhythmic drumming of samba echoing in the ocean breeze on your cruise to Brazil. Spend the night in Rio de Janeiro, where historical architecture, quaint fishing villages, contemporary urban scenery, and exquisite natural beauty all wonderfully weave together. Discover diverse charms of Brazil’s golden beaches, vibrant jungles and colorful neighborhoods. Visit Christ the Redeemer, a quintessential landmark representing the country’s spirit watching over the city from atop Corcovado Mountain. Experience the diverse bioclimatic landscapes, urban rainforests, and lush wildlife of Tijuca National Park.

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If you are interested in the Round Australia cruises, you’ll love Princess® Epic Voyages. Learn more about our expertly curated itineraries for your next extraordinary adventure.

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5 to 6-day land tours for South America


Stand in the presence of a waterfall taller and wider than Niagara Falls: Iguazú Falls. Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site from both Brazil and Argentina, then gaze up at Rio de Janeiro’s revered Christ the Redeemer statue and iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain.


Touch the clouds over dramatic Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas”. Tour ancient fortresses in the Incan capital of Cusco and view the extravagant architecture of the Historic Center of Lima – all three Peru highlights are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Explore the world-class wines, cuisine, and rhythm of the most diverse continent on the planet on a cruise to South America.



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様々なデスティネーション行きのトップセール、キャンペーン、パートナーシップ、プロモーションはすべて一箇所で検索できます。We run promotions throughout the year and sometimes run sweepstakes where you can win prizes!

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