Information on Impacted & Cancelled Cruises

Updated 2022 年 8月 8 日 at 15:00 PT

With the complexities of international air travel and border closures, it is with a heavy heart that we have to continue to cancel select cruises. We know you were looking forward to sailing with us, and we apologize and share in your disappointment over these cancellations. You don’t need to take any action to receive the default compensation offer. You can find out details of your compensation by clicking the link that matches your sail date below.

Diamond Princess Cruises Departing from San Diego through 2022 年 11月 13 日

Majestic Princess Cruises in Australia and Hong Kong Departing 2023 年 3月 7 日 through 2023 年 3月 9 日

Royal Princess Cruises in Asia, Australia & New Zealand, and South Pacific Departing 2023 年 9月 5 日 through 2023 年 10月 10 日

Regal Princess Cruises in Europe Departing 2023 年 4月 9 日 through 2023 年 9月 3 日

Sapphire Princess West Coast Cruises Departing through 2022 年 9月 17 日

Diamond Princess Cruises in Japan and Singapore Departing through 2023 年 3月 3 日

Select Cruises in Australia, New Zealand, & the South Pacific on the Following Ships:
Majestic Princess from 2023 年 2 月 through 2023 年 5 月
Royal Princess from 2022 年 9 月 through 2023 年 3月 4 日

Ruby Princess Panama Canal Cruises Departing in 2023 年 2 月

Sapphire Princess Cruises in Asia and Australia Departing through 2022 年 10月 29 日

Japan Cruises on Diamond Princess Departing through 2022 年 6月 9 日

Royal Princess Cruises Departing from Vancouver through 2022 年 4月 25 日

Island Princess Cruises Departing from Ft. Lauderdale through 2022 年 4月 17 日

Crown Princess Cruises Departing from the West Coast through 2022 年 4月 29 日

Select Cruises from Australian Ports on Coral Princess Departing through 2022 年 8 月

Select Mediterranean Cruises on Regal Princess Departing 2022 年 4月 30 日

Australia & New Zealand Cruises on Coral Princess Departing 1月 27 through 2022 年 3月 7 日

2022 年 4月 29 日 Pacific Coastal Cruise from Los Angeles on Crown Princess

2022 年 5月 3 日 Alaska Sampler Cruise from Vancouver on Crown Princess

Select Mediterranean Cruises on Regal Princess Departing 2022 年 7 月

Discovery Princess Cruises from Los Angeles Departing through 2022 年 3月 20 日

Select Cruises from Australian Ports on the Following Ships:
Coral Princess through 2022 年 1月 17 日
Royal Princess through 2022 年 3月 9 日
Sapphire Princess through 2022 年 4月 8 日

2022 年 4月 29 日 Pacific Coastal Cruise on Sapphire Princess

Hawaii Cruises Departing through 2021 年 12 月

Sapphire Princess West Coast Cruises Departing 2022 年 9月 24 日 through 2022 年 11月 7 日

Island Princess Cruises Up to and Including World Cruise 2022 Departing through 2022 年 4月 4 日

Diamond Princess Cruises in Antarctica and South America Departing through 2022 年 4月 5 日

Caribbean Princess Cruises from Ft. Lauderdale Departing 2022 年 3 月 through 2022 年 5 月

2021 年 10月 24 日 California Coast Cruise from San Francisco on Ruby Princess

Emerald Princess Cruises in Australia & New Zealand Departing 2021 年 12 月 through 2022 年 3 月

Remaining Cruises from Australian Ports through 2021 年 12月 19 日

Remaining 2021 Europe & Transatlantic Cruises on Island Princess

Remaining 2021 West Coast Cruises on Ruby Princess from Los Angeles

2021 年 10月 17 日 California Coast Cruise from San Francisco on Ruby Princess

2021 年 11月 20 日 Caribbean Cruise on Caribbean Princess

Remaining 2021 Canada & New England Cruises

2021 Cruises Roundtrip from Seattle on Emerald Princess and Majestic Princess

Select 2021 Mexico, West Coast, Caribbean and Mediterranean Cruises

Diamond Princess Cruises including Japan through 2021 年 11月 8 日

Cruises from Seattle through 2021 年 6月 27 日

Cruises from Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale and Rome through 2021 年 6月 30 日

2021 Europe Cruises to and from Southampton through 2021 年 9月 25 日

2021 Cruises to/from Vancouver (Gulf of Alaska Cruises, Alaska Cruisetours and Pacific Coastals)

2021 Canada & New England Cruise from Southampton

Cancellations Related to the Sale of Pacific Princess

All Remaining Cruises through 2021 年 5月 14 日

All Cruises through 2021 年 3月 31 日

All 8-day and Longer Cruises to and from the U.S. through 2021 年 11月 1 日

All Cruises to and from Japan through 2021 年 6月 25 日

All Remaining Cruises Departing through 2020 年 12月 31 日

All Cruises Departing from Australia & New Zealand through 2021 年 5月 31 日

Transfer of Star Princess to P&O Cruises Australia

Cancellations Related to the Sale of Sea Princess and Sun Princess

All Australia & New Zealand Cruises Departing through 2020 年 12月 18 日

2021 World Cruise on Island Princess, 2021 Circle South America on Pacific Princess and Associated Cruises

All Cruises Sailing In and Out of Australia Departing 9月 19 – 2020 年 10月 31 日

All Other Remaining Cruises Sailing through 2020 年 12月 15 日

All Cruises Sailing In and Out of Australia Departing 8月 29 – 2020 年 9月 17 日

All September and October Cruises In and Out of Vancouver and Seattle and All 7-day Cruises Roundtrip from San Francisco Departing in September and 2020 年 10 月

All Cruises Roundtrip Keelung Departing 2020 年 8 月

All Remaining Alaska, Canada & New England and Europe Cruises and Cruisetours in 2020

All Remaining Australian and Caribbean Cruises through August, Japan Cruises through 10月 01 and Taiwan Cruises in July

All Fall 2020 Tahiti & French Polynesia Cruises on Pacific Princess

Summer 2020 Cruises Departing 5月 11 – 2020 年 6月 30 日

All 2020 Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours for Star, Golden, Pacific, Coral, Royal & Grand Princess

2020 年 7 月 Mediterranean Cruises for Enchanted Princess

Select Australia Homeport Cruises for Sun & Sapphire Princess Departing 6月 23 – 2020 年 9月 7 日

Select Australia Homeport Cruises for Sea, Sun & Sapphire Princess
Departing 5月 08 – 2020 年 6月 15 日

All Destinations & Ships
Departing 3月 12 – 2020 年 5月 10 日

We’ve updated our policies to give guests flexibility while booking cruises during this unusual time.
View our Book with Confidence Cancellation Policy


  1. What is a Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

  2. How long will it take to get my refund or FCC?
    Refunds and FCCs are typically processed within 30 days of receiving the request or 30 days after the deadline for making requests, whichever comes earlier.

  3. What if I cancelled a booking on a cruise that Princess is now cancelling?
    You can check the relevant cruise details on this page to see if you qualify for any additional compensation.

  4. What happens to my FCC if the voyage I used it on is cancelled by Princess?
    The Future Cruise Credit will go back onto your profile and you can re-use it before the expiration date.

  5. If I have an onboard credit (OBC) from a Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) on a booking that is cancelled, will the OBC be honored on my next cruise?
    Yes, it will. In most cases, the original FCD will automatically be available to apply to your next cruise from your My Princess account. In the event an FCD had reached its expiration date since being applied, please contact our Customer Relations team to have the OBC reinstated.

  6. If I have used my Princess Cruises Gift Card to pay for my cruise and opted for a refund, how can I receive it? (North American Guests Only)
    If you have your original Princess Cruises Gift Card, a credit will be added back to that card, so always hold on to your gift cards even after you fully use them. If you do not have the original card, contact Princess Cruises Gift Card Customer Service at or 1-855-426-0168, and a new Princess Cruises Gift Card will be sent to you.

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